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Intellectual Property

Chambers & Partners 2018


Members at 11 South Square are frequently instructed on behalf of life sciences and telecommunications companies in complex patent litigation arising from infringement claims and revocation attempts. Barristers here are also recommended for cases concerning licensing disputes, design rights and trade marks. Sources say this is a “very impressive set of fantastic barristers” who are known for their “speed of response, diligence and commercial sense.”

Client service: The entire clerking team is “professional, dedicated and personable,” and a “hugely valuable source of information that knows all the courts like the back of their hands.” “Senior clerk Ashley Carr is always really helpful.”


Piers Acland QC 
A hands-on and very approachable silk, highlighted for his client care skills, strategic guidance and the quality of his courtroom advocacy, particularly in cross-examination. He is sought after for his experience representing life sciences companies in high-value patent litigation, including infringement claims and invalidation attempts.
Strengths: ”He is detailed, hands-on and doesn’t leave any doubt that he has been through every issue.” “He has a fiendishly sharp intellect and an unflappable and personable demeanour. He is a complete delight to instruct, especially on life sciences matters where he can bring his huge knowledge and experience to bear.”
Recent work: Defended Merck against a patent infringement claim by Shinogi for raltegravir, an antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV.

Iain Purvis QC 
One of the most sought-after silks at the Intellectual Property Bar, and regarded as an extremely bright and effective barrister who provides adept representation in both High and Supreme Court proceedings. He is well known for his skill in trade mark litigation, and is also recommended for patent disputes involving hi-tech and pharmaceutical companies.
Strengths: ”His breadth of experience is a clear advantage, as is his keen eye for technical detail and his ability to appreciate wider legal and commercial issues. He offers very clear advice and is extremely thorough.” ”He is a personable, reflective, incisive and effective advocate who is always part of the team.”
Recent work: Represented Nicocigs in its patent court invalidation action against Fontem Ventures that concerned a patent for a component used in e-cigarettes.

Mark Vanhegan QC 
A knowledgeable and incredibly bright silk highlighted for his client care skills, his practical advice and the strength of his courtroom advocacy. He is known for his abilities handling high-profile TMT patent disputes, and is also fully conversant with claims of design right and trade mark infringement.
Strengths: ”He gets really good results, is very quick on his feet and comes up with solutions no one else thinks of.” ”He is very engaging, easy to work with and adept at guiding a client through a case.”
Recent work: Instructed by Signature Realty in its copyright infringement dispute with Fortis concerning the blueprints for a new property development.

Michael Silverleaf QC 
An authoritative silk renowned for his oral presentation and his tenacious advocacy. He has substantial experience of assisting with trade mark and patent litigation matters, including infringement, invalidation, passing-off and Swiss-type medical use claims. He is also noted for his adept counsel in ADR proceedings.
Strengths: ”He is very experienced and excellent at making strategic decisions.” “He is a silver-tongued advocate you want on your side.”
Recent work: Appeared for Victorian Plumbing in the defence of a trade mark infringement claim by Victoria Plum concerning the use of their respective marks for plumbing businesses.

Hugo Cuddigan QC
A very commercial silk, distinguished for his tactical ability, work ethic and user-friendliness. He is comfortable handling litigation involving pharmaceutical, mechanical and hi-tech patents, and his recent work includes a high-profile trade mark infringement case. He also provides effective representation in IPEC and Court of Appeal proceedings.
Strengths: ”He is really tenacious, thinks laterally, is good on his feet and deals with the judiciary well.” “A plain-speaking and user-friendly barrister who is very good to work with.”
Recent work: Instructed by Stanley Dock in its trade mark infringement action against Property Renaissance over the use of the mark ‘Titanic’.


Anna Edwards-Stuart 
A very experienced senior junior, highlighted for her responsiveness, pragmatic advice and strong written opinion work. She has experience of invalidation and infringement actions relating to patents and trade marks, as well as IPEC proceedings. She is also regularly instructed by life sciences companies and draws praise for her work in cases concerning design right infringements.
Strengths: ”She is very commercial, takes a hands-on approach and is very good to work with.” ”She is extremely good on paper and on her feet.”
Recent work: Appeared for Sandoz in the defence of a patent infringement claim brought by Napp Pharma concerning the manufacture of a pain management product.

Brian Nicholson 
Extremely sharp and thorough senior junior recommended for his abilities assisting with hi-tech patent litigation proceedings involving telecommunications companies. His expertise encompasses cases concerning invalidation actions and infringement claims. His other areas of experience include Community design right disputes and pharmaceutical patent infringement claims.
Strengths: ”He is a great advocate with a nice written style.” “He identifies strongly with clients’ cases and fights hard in applications.”
Recent work: Acted for American Sciences & Engineering in its patent infringement case against Rapiscan concerning x-ray technology used in commercial products.

Benet Brandreth 
Efficient, pragmatic and responsive barrister recommended for his commercial advice. He enjoys a strong reputation for trade mark and copyright infringement disputes and has recently been active in licensing disputes involving life sciences companies. He also has experience in litigation concerning mechanical patents.
Strengths: ”He is confident, robust, determined, intelligent and skilled.” “He is a very bright and determined advocate who is very good at persuading judges.”
Recent work: Instructed by German-based company Merck KGaA in its dispute with US-based Merck Sharp & Dohme. The case concerned claims that a trade mark co-existence agreement had been breached.

Tom Alkin 
A quick-thinking and forthright junior praised for his courtroom presentation who is noted for his expertise in IPEC and Court of Appeal proceedings. He is particularly effective in patent litigation involving life sciences and technology sector clients. He also has experience assisting with trade mark invalidation actions, design right infringement claims and royalties disputes.
Strengths: ”I think very highly of him, he’s excellent with clients and has a way of distilling quite complicated issues.” “He provided insightful direction and delivered a measured cross-examination in court.”
Recent work: Instructed by Mylan in its patent invalidation action against ViiV concerning new technology for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Kathryn Pickard 
Noted for her representation of life sciences companies in litigation arising from second medical use claims, infringement allegations and market authorisation applications. She also assists media clients in passing-off disputes. Her recent experience includes cases concerning TMT patent disputes and IPO invalidation proceedings.
Strengths: ”She’s very client-friendly and is a delight to deal with.” ”She is clever, diligent, a team player, very thorough and a pleasure to work with.”
Recent work: Appeared for Huawei in the high-profile patent litigation initiated by Unwired Planet regarding technology used in mobile phones.

Chris Aikens 
Well liked by instructing solicitors, with a good reputation for IPEC proceedings and contentious design rights matters. He is also noted for his assistance with patent entitlement disputes, Community trade mark infringement claims and allegations of passing-off. His recent activity includes matters that concern the misuse of confidential information.
Strengths: ”He is very bright, and a very good advocate who understands clients’ needs and structures his arguments incredibly clearly.” ”He is an excellent advocate who has a high level of technical knowledge.”
Recent work: Instructed by Design & Display in its action against OOO Abbott alleging patent infringement for the design of a shop display panel.

Chris Hall 
A rising star at the junior Bar, recommended for design right, copyright and trade mark infringement claims. He is praised for his work in mechanical and electronic patent litigation and frequently assists with IPEC and IPO proceedings.
Strengths: ”He has excellent technical knowledge and a real grasp of the details. He is user-friendly, accessible, and his clients have complete confidence in him.”
Recent work: Instructed by Positec Power Tools in its patent infringement action against Husqvarna connected to the design of automated lawnmowers.


Legal 500 2017


11 South Square is ‘the first port of call for IP cases due to the expertise and efficient service on offer’. There is ‘quality from top to bottom’ and ‘members impress with their speed of response, diligence and commercial sense’. The clerking team is led by Ashley Carr, who is ‘excellent and always able to assist’; he is ‘a clever and “on it” clerk and an important part of chambers’ success’. The juniors that support him are also rated as ‘excellent’. Offices in: London

Within Intellectual property, 11 South Square is a first tier set.

The ‘top-notch’ 11 South Square is ‘the go-to set for IP matters’ with ‘outstanding barristers’, who have been involved in some of the leading cases in the field. Multiple members have been instructed by Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and Sony in their ongoing patent battle with Unwired Planet concerning cellular phone technology, while another strong line-up from chambers represented Meter Tech in its highly publicised claim against British Gas regarding smart meter patents.

Iain Purvis QC - ‘He is an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and tenacious litigator.’

Michael Silverleaf QC - ‘‘A top choice.’

Mark Vanhegan QC -  ‘He is client-friendly and has gravitas as an advocate.’

Piers Acland QC - ‘Highly rated.’

Hugo Cuddigan QC - ‘He is thoughtful, clever and tenacious on his feet.’

Heather Lawrence - ‘She has exemplary legal knowledge.’

Jacqueline Reid - ‘Highly intelligent and combative.’

Benet Brandreth  ‘A very impressive advocate.’

Brian Nicholson Very clever and hardworking.’

Anna Edwards-Stuart - ‘She has a commercial outlook, takes a hands-on approach and is very good to work with.’

Kathryn Pickard - ’She is very detailed, thorough and reliable, and is a pleasure to work with.’

Tom Alkin A great tactician and a rising star.’

Chris Aikens  - ‘Extremely bright and able.’ 

Christopher Hall - ‘He is a rising star, who works tirelessly and has a tremendous understanding of technical issues.’


Chambers and Partners Bar Awards 

IP/IT Set of the Year
2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 & 2016

IP/IT Junior of the Year

Hugo Cuddigan
(awarded 2011)

Brian Nicholson
(awarded 2013)

Anna Edwards-Stuart
(awarded 2017)

IP/IT Silk of the Year

Piers Acland QC
(short listed 2015, awarded 2010)

Iain Purvis QC
(awarded 2014)

Henry Carr QC
(awarded 2013)

Legal 500 Awards

IP, IT & Media Set of the Year

(awarded 2013, short listed 2014 & 2015) 

IP, IT & Media Silk of the Year

Michael Silverleaf QC
(short listed 2013 & 2014)

Henry Carr QC
(short listed 2013)


IP Inclusive Charter