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Chambers offers at least one 12 month pupillage each year.  During pupillage, pupils will sit with up to four pupil supervisors.  11 South Square prides itself on the variety of its tenants’ work and so this ensures that pupils get to see as many different areas of chambers work as possible.  The current pupil supervisors for pupillages are Brian Nicholson, Anna Edwards-Stuart, Kathryn Pickard, Tom Alkin, Chris Aikens and Chris Hall. 

All of our current tenants were previously pupils at 11 South Square.  The idea behind pupillage is to live and breathe your pupil supervisor’s practice.  Pupils sit in their pupil supervisor’s room, attend their conferences and court hearings and draft pleadings, opinions and skeleton arguments for their pupil supervisor’s cases.  We believe that that is the best training for a successful IP barrister.

Oral and written advocacy is the most important skill of any barrister.  For that reason, we also give our pupils advocacy exercises during the course of the year in order to measure their progress as an advocate.   

The award accompanying each pupillage is £55,000. That includes £10,000 which may be drawn down by the successful applicant during his/her BVC year.

All applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway.  There is a minimum requirement of at least one grade A at A-level or equivalent (excluding general studies) and a 2:i at undergraduate degree.  Candidates that have not satisfied the minimum criteria will only be considered if they have provided an adequate explanation in their application form.  The majority of successful pupils have a science degree or qualification of that level of expertise. This is not a minimum selection criterion but will be taken into account by chambers when selecting pupils.  Most importantly we are looking for candidates with a sharp mind who are capable of independent thought and expressing their views articulately and persuasively.

Chambers offers mini-pupillages.  Please see our mini-pupillage page for more information.  

Chambers is not currently actively recruiting new tenants other than following successful completion of 12-month pupillages applied for and obtained through the Pupillage Gateway.  However, individuals who possess exceptional qualities likely to make them outstanding members of chambers wishing to apply for tenancy and for whom it is not necessary to complete a 12-month pupillage in chambers should send their CV with a covering letter to Anna Edwards-Stuart either by post or electronically to

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